PHP-Nuke Chat Module

It can add a live chat room to PHP Nuke in a minutes!

It can add a live chat room to PHP Nuke in a minutes!

A chat room may be a good idea to boost traffic and keep loyal members. Why? Because it makes the PHP-Nuke website more interactive and shorten the distance between your website visitors. With PHP-Nuke chat module, websites get a live chat room with PHP-Nuke database seamlessly integrated, simple, secure and nice looking with full chat features .

The chat button is suggested to be inserted to the module section and block section too. The key technology is the integration and single sign-on features. Recent change: added social connect feature, sixteen skins available, IP Range Ban , admin clear screen for all users , enhanced HTML chat client .

IP Range Ban

Admin can not only do the regular username, computer ID and IP ban but also make IP range ban now with the new html5 client for 123 Flash Chat. With this new feature, admin can ban a series of IPs within certain range. User will still stay in the current room even if his IP range is banned but cannot come back once he has exited the room by himself after his IP range was banned.

Clear all Users’ Screen

Admin can clear screen for all users with the HTML5 client since V10.0. It is different from the past screen clearing function which is confined to one's own screen. It makes the chat more controllable esp. something annoying happens in the chat. This function now only available on HTML5 chat client.

Social Connect

Chat users can add linking to their Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Google account, so to update their status on the social networks with their activities in chat!

Single sign-on

The best part of the PHP-Nuke chat module is that once logged in PHP-Nuke, user don't have to re-enter their username or password again to access chat.

Hand Raising

Chat admins can activate this new feature so that users will need to apply to be in the list to publish his video. This is the most effective way to trigger your user's move to consume within the chat. You can set the criteria, such as the credits owned/earned, virtual gifts sent but all lead to one ultimate goal.

PHP-Nuke Chat Module


PHP-Nuke Chat Module 8.3.2